One of the challenges I’ve heard multiple times from entrepreneurs is around inconsistent lead flow from marketing. Marketing is running the standard playbook — SEO, PPC, webinars, events, email drips, social — and it’s working with demonstrable value. Only, it’s inconsistent. One month is great and the next month is weak, yet it’s hard to discern why.

What’s a high performing startup to do about inconsistent lead flow from marketing? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Ask the five whys. Drill down and look for patterns or trends that aren’t visible from the surface. Look for seasonality, major events like an industry tradeshow, or other major influences.
  • Track everything. Implement Pardot and a marketing attribution engine. Track everything that can be tracked.
  • Run an account-based marketing process. Identify best-fit targets. Build a playbook. Execute the process. Iterate.

Inconsistent lead flow is normal. The key is continuous improvement and refinement.

What else? What are some more thoughts on inconsistent lead flow from marketing?