Recently an entrepreneur asked me for ideas and tips about work/life balance. I replied that balance implies that they’re constantly aligned, which I don’t think is the case. Things regularly ebb and flow, requiring a work/life blend with some guidelines around them.

Here are a few strategies I use for work/life blend:

  • Written plan and expectations with spouse (alignment is key)
  • Limit morning and evenings events to one per week average over the course of the month (e.g. if I have two evening events one week, I’ll work to have none the next week)
  • Limit work travel to 5-10 nights per quarter (often for tradeshows or visiting a customer/partner)
  • Weekly date night (key is to get out of the house without the kids)
  • Quarterly family vacation (go out of town for a long weekend or on a week long trip)
  • Continually ask the start, stop, and continue questions

A work/life blend is personal to everyone’s unique situations. After years of refinement, this approach has worked for me.

What else? What are some more thoughts on finding work/life blend?