Alright, now that we have 5 Non-Standard Recruiting Tactics and 7 Non-Standard Interview Questions let’s talk about hiring mistakes. As much as we work hard to build an excellent recruiting and hiring process, mistakes happen. Here are the top three hiring mistakes:

  1. Sacrificing Culture Fit – When the hiring manager and team feels pressure to deliver, and few candidates are available, people start talking about sacrificing culture fit. Don’t do it. Everything starts with culture fit.
  2. Rushing the Process – Assuming you’ll be working with this person for the next 2-3 years (if not more), that’s thousands of hours. Don’t you think you should spend several hours with the person in the hiring process, especially if they’re a manager (see Chronological In Depth Survey Interviews)?
  3. Not Moving Fast Enough When Ready – Great candidates don’t hang around for long. Once you’ve finished the process, and it’s the right person, move quickly and seal the deal. Don’t linger.

Don’t make these hiring mistakes. Ensure culture fit, follow the process, and move fast.

What else? What are some other common hiring mistakes?