Entrepreneurs love to think big and brainstorm different what-if scenarios. Only, the big idea is often too broad and unattainable without meaningful incremental progress in a much shorter timeframe. Meaning, results are needed in the next 12 months to continue the pursuit of the 10-year vision.

Think about Tesla starting with an expensive electric sports car to prove the concept. Then an expensive sedan followed by a crossover. Only after those successes was a mainstream, mid-priced sedan possible.

Think about Uber starting as a high-end black car service in one city. Once that worked they added ridesharing and launching hundreds of cities. Now, Uber has expanded to food delivery and more.

Think big but start small. Take the 10-year vision and reduce it to a 12-month outcome with sufficient progress to continue.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the idea that the big vision needs incremental progress?

Source: https://davidcummings.org/2017/03/30/reduce-the-10-year-vision-to-a-12-month-outcome/