We all know that the Fernsehturm is the master of photobombing startups, but did you know there is a hashtag dedicated to him on Instagram?

#ThatTowerAgain is the go-to hashtag for photos featuring Berlin’s most recognizable piece of architecture. The photos usually show him on the skyline or looking moody in a black and white filter.

But others, like pizza.de, are featuring him and the hashtag in their marketing campaign, replacing his silver orb with a salami pizza (YUM!).

As of early April, the hashtag had been used in 17,016 posts and is even making the rounds on Twitter.

Maybe it is just me, but wouldn’t it be nice if #Fernsehturmbecreepin went viral? Who’s with me?

Photo credit: Christine G. Coester

Source: http://theheureka.com/berlins-fernsehturm-cant-stop-wont-stop-stealing-the-limelight-20170405