As a continuation to yesterday’s post Why Entrepreneurs Choose Atlanta, the next logical question is “what are some common characteristics of successful Atlanta entrepreneurs?” Of course, the characteristics are all over the place, but within the software startup sector, several attributes stand out. Here are several characteristics of successful Atlanta entrepreneurs:

  • Resilient – Most successful entrepreneurs I know failed at their first idea. Pivoting is more common than expected and Atlanta is no different. Much of the entrepreneurial journey is learning and iterating as fast as possible.
  • Resourceful – The dynamics of the community — including limited risk capital — require more resourcefulness on the part of the entrepreneur. True, money does go further here but that’s more than outweighed by the lack of capital. Yet, a lack of capital is normal and standard for a startup community. Successful entrepreneurs figure out how to succeed regardless of capital.
  • Opinionated – Entrepreneurs need to have strong opinions weakly held. With so many different ideas and opportunities, entrepreneurs without strong opinion suffer and fade away quickly.
  • Confident – Believing when others don’t is something all entrepreneurs have to work through. It’s tough facing constant adversity without being confident in the mission.

Successful Atlanta entrepreneurs have a high locus of control and figure out how to win. When the right team, idea, and market timing come together, amazing things happen.

What else? What are some more characteristics of successful Atlanta entrepreneurs?