Continuing with ideas on next generation SaaS success like integrations and APIs, there’s another important component about the self-service nature: they’ll all have in-app on-boarding, upgrading, and downgrading. Much like the consumerization of IT has affected the B2B user interfaces and experiences, buyers of SaaS products want that experience to extend to all aspects of the product.

Right now, too many SaaS products don’t have a strong in-app on-boarding process and instead resort to support sites and quick start guides combined with helpful people. Instead, the buyer wants to be able to jump in and go through a structured process where they can have as much or as little automated hand-holding. Think of a series of steps with specific instructions, tasks, and videos to watch. The best form of service is self service that’s comprehensive.

After in-app on-boarding, the next area next generation SaaS products will all have is in-app upgrading and downgrading. Much like Slack is famous for only charging for active users (see their pricing), too many SaaS apps require reaching out to a customer success manager to upgrade, and don’t allow downgrading until the contract is up for renewal. Needs change and users should be able to upgrade and downgrade in the application immediately — it’s a much better user experience.

Look for in-app on-boarding along with easy upgrading and downgrading as part of the next generation of successful SaaS products.

What else? What are some more thoughts on in-app on-boarding, upgrading, and downgrading as part of SaaS apps?